Therapist in Wandsworth

Therapist in Wandsworth

In times of personal challenges and emotional distress, seeking professional help is the first step towards healing. Renaissance Therapy & Coaching provides effective psychotherapy and counselling for individuals and couples. From temporary causes of stress to complex psychological struggles, our experienced therapists in Wandsworth can help. We also specialise in professional coaching for individuals who wish to improve the quality of their lives. We’ll help you overcome obstacles to your growth and provide treatment options tailored to your needs. Call us or use the contact form on our website to book an initial consultation.

Face-to-Face and Online Sessions

We currently offer both online sessions (via video call) and traditional face-to-face sessions. Our therapists have the expertise and training to treat all kinds of psychological issues including grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, and relationship problems. Rest assured that all treatment sessions are carried out in a caring and confidential space.

Counselling is not one size fits all. Our therapists combine theories and methods to provide each client with the best possible treatment. Some people respond well to short-term therapy, whilst others may find long-term treatment more effective. No matter the issue you’re facing, we’ll help transform your life with engaging and personalised psychotherapy.

Therapist Wandsworth
Wandsworth Therapist

Coaching Sessions

Coaching is known to boost confidence, improve communication skills, and strengthen work performance. It provides individuals with an opportunity to define personal goals and actively work towards them. Our professional coaches utilise NLP and other industry-leading techniques to deliver coaching sessions that promote lasting change.

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One doesn’t have to face psychological struggles to benefit from the guidance of a therapist. We have clients who simply want to achieve a sense of direction and well-being in their lives. From career growth to relationship issues and parenting challenges, our team can help you conquer any challenge life throws your way.

To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our reputable therapists today.

MA Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Roehampton University. Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time-Line Therapy™ BACP accredited.

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