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“The game of life is a game of boomerangs.
Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later,
with astounding accuracy.”
~ Florence Shinn

  • How would it be if you could have the life you truly want?
  • What if you had the confidence to create a reality of your dreams?
  • Are you living on the cause or the effect side of life?
  • Perhaps your life is lead by anxiety, stress or depression?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut in your career?
  • Do you allow your past ruling your future?
  • Are you fulfilled in your relationships?

Ready to give it a go?

Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques are a highly effective set of tools for change, motivation, success, empowerment, influence, persuasion and communication. It is today used in various fields:

  • In business to improve management, sales and achievement/performance, inter-personal skills;
  • In personal development to change, motivate and self-improve at any stage or area of life.
  • In education for a better understanding of the learning processes, better rapport with students and parents, optimizing results through motivation. It taps into your inner resources, create new ones and override learning difficulties.


  • In sports to improve motivation, performance and achievement. It helps pushing boundaries and offers tools to identify the thinking and behaviour strategies that successful athletes use.
  • In leadership to understand what motivates people and what their working traits are. It offers powerful tools for persuasion and influence.

Coaching Services

“If you want your life to be more rewarding,
you have to change the way you think.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

At Renaissance Coaching we believe there are 3 Requisites for sustainable change:

  • 1st phase : Know-how (analysing, getting clarity in our thoughts and through our communication, taking action, generating win-win situations, on-going self-review)
  • 2nd phase : Know how to be (increasing self-awareness and congruence between our feelings, thoughts and actions)
  • 3rd phase : Know how to become (projecting ourself into the future we want in a sustainable and fulfilling way).

One-to-One Sessions

One to one sessions are provided to work on a specific or a number of areas which are holding you back from you achieving your dreams and reaching your full potential. We use successful NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy ™, and Hypnosis to assist you to unlock inner resources and create new ones.

Coaching Services
Increase Your Confidence

These sessions aim to :

  • Increase your confidence.
  • Create the life you want – free of depression, shyness, anger, rage, jealousy, fear, phobias.
  • Clarify your goals and create a compelling future.
  • Remove barriers that hold you back from achieving your dreams.
  • Improve your communication in any context – with partners, family, friends, work.
  • Improve your self esteem, health, weight management, relaxation, sleep.
  • Increase your motivation and energy.
  • Present with confidence – public speaking.
  • Release stress, tension and anxiety.

“If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”
~ Wayne Dyer

Breakthrough sessions ( 5-8 hours or carried out over 2 days)

  • Personal in-depth assessment.
  • Tasking
  • Time Line Therapy ™ (clearing negative emotions)
  • Release all limiting decisions and all negative beliefs.
  • Internal conflicts resolution ensuring clarity and focus on your goals.
  • Installing new strategies.
  • Hypnosis for embedded changes.
  • Re-aligning values.
  • Putting personal goal into the future using Time Line Therapy™.
Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Ready to give it a go?

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