Therapy Feedback

“Nathalie has bought me into a place where I feel more comfortable with myself, and able to process things about me more confidently.”

~ A.H – June – 2016

“When I first came to Nathalie, I was extremely anxious with Obsessive Compulsive thoughts around protecting my child.

Building a trusting relationship with Nathalie helped me to uncover some deeply rooted issues, which triggered my worries relating to my son. Nathalie taught me ways to deal with my anxiety, using different tools.

Now I feel calmer. I can relax and enjoy spending time with my son without a constant feeling of fear and worry. thank you Nathalie for your help.”

~ M.A – July- 2017

“I came to Nathalie after experiencing a sudden death of a parent. I was feeling extremely low and anxious, not knowing how I could even begin to process what had happened.

Nathalie carefully listened to me and taught me ways to deal with a range of emotions. I felt at ease during our sessions and that it was a judgement-free, safe space (both in person and online). Nathalie helped me to uncover and process my emotions surrounding the death, as well as other events that have happened in my life. I now understand that although I can’t change my past, I am fully in control of my future and happiness.

Thank you so much Nathalie for working with me over the past year.”

~ C.D – Dec- 2020

“Nathalie is a superb therapist. She listens very carefully and always finds new and innovative ways of helping me to think about my problems. I feel fully supported by her, but also empowered to make changes on my own. I can recommend her without hesitation.”

~ D.B – London – Dec 2016

“It was difficult to know what to write in this testimonial, because how do you express the depth and meaning of someone giving your life back to you? I am incredibly grateful Nathalie chose the line of work she did and that I – randomly – came across her when in a very very dark time in my life. I had all but stopped leaving the house and was suffering from an extreme panic disorder; basically, I had written myself off, because I knew there was no coming back for me. No happiness or tranquillity ever again.

Nathalie gave me back the gift of ‘living’ – nothing more, nothing less – and the one thing I will always hold with me will be her saying, very early on in our sessions, “so you will never be happy again, never, never ever?” I knew from then there was hope because hearing her say that to me, it did sound utterly ridiculous. That’s the point, she helps you to see things the way they really are, not the way you can twist and catastrophise them when your mind is in a troubled place.

Not only did I feel utterly comfortable in her presence, able to say what I wanted and needed to without shame or fear, but she gave me the space and opportunity to sort through my own thoughts and come to trust and respect my inner monologue.

I hope no-one ever feels the way I did when I first sat in front of Nathalie, tears streaming down my face and ready to give up, but if they do, I implore them to find her, to trust her and let her remind you that one day, youwill be happy again.”

~ Becky – Dec 2020

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