Counselling in Kingston Upon Thames

Counselling in Kingston Upon Thames

No matter what personal challenge you’re facing, Renaissance Therapy & Coaching can help you make authentic, meaningful, and mindful choices. Our professional counselling services in Kingston upon Thames are designed to treat all types of psychological issues including depression, anxiety, grief, addiction and stress management among others. We will help you unearth the root causes of these issues and develop realistic steps towards growth and acceptance. 

Support for Individuals and Couples 

Psychotherapy helps individuals overcome old, unhealthy patterns and regain faith in themselves. Our clients benefit from one-on-one sessions with fully trained mental health counsellors. We’ll help you confront negative feelings and develop actionable steps to achieve peace.

We also offer counselling sessions for couples seeking to repair relationships or enhance their communication skills. Couples are given a safe and relaxed space to air out grievances and listen to each other respectfully.

As your reliable psychotherapists, our job is to guide you towards more fulfilling lives. We provide effective and sensitive treatments that incorporate contemporary psychotherapy methods. Rest assured all sessions are carried out in a supportive and confidential environment and full attention and qualified insights are provided at all times.

During your first appointment, we’ll help you identify your goals and discover appropriate treatment options. While short-term solutions may benefit some clients, others may respond better to long-term therapy. No matter the extent of your needs, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Counselling Kingston Upon Thames
Kingston Upon Thames Counselling

Sessions Available Face-to-Face or Online

We organise sessions that are suited to your comfort and convenience. Depending on your preference, sessions can be carried out either in person or online via a private video call.

Our sessions can also be scheduled on early mornings or late evenings if these are the times that work best for you.

With the support of our expert professionals, clients are empowered to work towards their goals and achieve success.

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Our team consists of professional, friendly, and experienced counsellors and therapists. We bring a wealth of skills and knowledge for your peace of mind.

If you’d like to book an appointment or know more about our services, feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

MA Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Roehampton University. Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time-Line Therapy™ BACP accredited.

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